Lotto Zambia is being developed!

We have already informed you about the 17 government licenses we have already acquired. Time to roll out some facts. We have previously informed that we’ll be starting our first lotteries in African countries and here’s one. Have you ever heard about Zambia?

Zambia is located in south-central Africa. Before becoming independent in 1964 it was known as Northern Rhodesia. Its name was derived from Zambezi („The Great River”), the fourth-longest river in Africa and the largest one flowing into the Indian Ocean from Africa. The country’s population is around 16,5mln. We’re very happy to announce that we’re now working on — the country’s official online lottery. Lotto Zambia will not only give a possibility to win great jackpots in an honest and transparent lottery backed up by our technology. As we have promised, GG World will also support the development of the country and good causes like charity.

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