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lottery software

First-ever worldwide regulated lottery

Software that powers national lotteries

Fully transparent and decentralized lotteries

Smart, white label lottery software

What we do

We are a team of industry experts united together towards the common purpose of creating the biggest, fully transparent lottery game and lottery show ever made. We create and manage the software of multiple national lotteries. We operate the best white label lottery intermediary software called WhiteLotto.

Thirty years of experience in the lottery industry and dozen years of experience in online software have given us a nice head start to bring you fully transparent, decentralized, blockchain based, online lottery software that powers up multiple government-regulated lotteries and the biggest lottery across the globe - GG World Lottery.

We do not leave the old-school lotteries alone. We are here to fully cover the lottery world by providing the white labeled lottery intermediary software that connects the local lotteries with the rest of the online world. Join us to modernize the lottery industry and start using our white label software, WhiteLotto, with your own label today.

Who we are

Professionals. Enthusiasts. Open-minded, hard-working, and always improving. We are here to show you that there are no limits to what you do or who you are. Just watch as we conquer the lottery world or contact us if you feel like being a part of it.